Have you hopped on the Bridgerton bandwagon? If you’re not familiar with Netflix's hit show yet (hey, we get it if British period dramas are not your thing!) here’s an ultra-quick rundown: Set in the Regency era, the show follows two families as they navigate London high-society, and is full of stunning gowns, extravagant jewellery, and of course, awe-inspiring hair looks.

But don’t worry - we’re not here to give you spoilers. Instead, we want to show you how to recreate a super cute hair look inspired by the show, that we know fans and non-fans alike will LOVE!

bridgerton-inspired bow style

This style is totally wearable for a ton of different occasions. No gravity-defying Regency hair looks here. Instead, this style is super versatile and works great for dressed-up occasions, like weddings & showers, but is also easy enough to pull together for a casual day activity like a brunch or shopping excursion.

Ready to try a new look? Watch along as DESIGNME’s lead hairstylist Amy Stollmeyer shows us just how easy it is to recreate this Bridgerton-inspired bow style. You can also find the complete step-by-step below!



Propper prep is the key to a successful hair style, so we recommend starting by giving your scalp and hair a quick refresh.

  • Start with a dry shampoo: Not only is dry shampoo a huge time saver, but it’ll also restore the hair’s natural volume and add subtle grit to facilitate holding the hair style. Just spray at the roots (from about 8 inches away) and massage into the scalp.
  • Apply heat protection: Since we’ll be working with a curling iron, heat protection at the mid-lengths & ends is a must! Here, Amy opted for FAB.ME leave-in treatment, as it also helps hydrate the hair and calm frizz and fly-aways.


  • Section your hair into two or three different sections (depending on how dense your hair is), and work from the bottom section to the top section.
  • Using a 1-inch curling iron, wrap smaller sections of your hair around the iron, in the direction away from the face. Leave about 2-inches of the ends un-curled.
  • Once your curls are cooled, use a wide-tooth comb to separate the waves.


  • Separate your hair into two sections: Using your thumbs, start at the temples and draw a line with your thumbs, bringing them to meet in the back of the head, just under the curve of the head. Separate the sections neatly.
  • Secure your top pony. You could secure with a clear elastic first (this is easier to control) or go right in with a sash, ribbon or scarf. Tie first to secure the hair and then shape into a bow.

There you have it! An easy, timeless look that’s perfect for any of your up-coming events. Tried this look? Share it with us by tagging @designmehair.