PureWow | The Best Heat Protectant Products, According to Hairstylists

Amy Stollmeyer, hairstylist and Co-Owner of Design.ME, is all about creating products that work for everyday life. So naturally, we had to hear about her very own heat protectant. She explains, “It’s so important to consider both electrical high heat (blow-drying, irons, hot rollers, etc.) as well as UV rays from the sun—these are the biggest contributors to overall hair damage and color fading. Design.ME’s Fab.ME is an easy go-to: It’s an 18-in-1 lightweight leave-in treatment that protects both wet and dry hair from heat damage up to 400ºF.” She also mentions that beyond heat protection, the product detangles, hydrates, reduces frizz and strengthens strands, helping it to grow longer and stronger over time.