It's that time of year again: winter is here and in full effect. While the cold months can bring lots of fun and cozy activities like a warm hot chocolate by the fire, these months also equate to a lack of moisture in the air, leading to dryness and dullness in our hair and skin. During these months, it's important to adjust our routine and place more emphasis on hydration and moisture.

Luckily, we have the perfect routine to bring your hair back to life!


Sometimes known as “pre-pooing”, using a treatment before shampooing your hair can be super beneficial. Shampooing can often strip moisture from the hair, so a pre-treatment serum can add a protective layer to help lock in moisture and hydration.

We recommend applying the GLOSS.ME hair serum, focusing on mid-lengths to ends, and leaving in for 5 minutes before washing your hair.

step 2: double cleanse using a hydrating sulfate-free shampoo

Did you know that sulfates could be contributing to dry hair? This is because sulfates can strip your hair of its natural oils and even irritate the scalp.

In this step, we recommend double cleansing (yes, washing twice!) and replenishing your hair's hydration and shine using our GLOSS.ME hydrating shampoo, completely free of harmful sulfates and parabens.

step 3: apply a treatment mask

Hair treatment masks can offer tons of unique benefits, all of which will ultimately depend on the masks ingredients and your hair type. In general though, hair masks aim to help you achieve:

  • Glistening, softer hair
  • Added moisture
  • Reduced hair breakage
  • Reduced frizz
  • Healthier, stronger hair
  • Overall hair manageability

In this step, apply the GLOSS.ME hydrating mask all over mid-lengths to ends and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse. This unique formula of oils and proteins, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins will hydrate and moisturize your hair.

step 4: apply a leave-in treatment

Leave-in products are ideal not only to add moisture, but to protect from heat damage and help detangle the hair.

Once out of the shower & ready to style, we recommend first applying the FAB.ME leave-in treatment throughout your hair, then follow up by thoroughly brushing. This will help detangle hair, enhance hydration, protect your from heat damage, and help manage frizz.

step 5: apply a serum

A good serum goes a long way. A serum can work as an extra layer of protection and prevent frizz. Our GLOSS.ME Hair Serum is a great option because it's infused with nourishing ingredients like cannabis sativa seed oil to help add weightless shine, hydration & eliminates frizz. If using the GLOSS.ME hair serum, evenly spread a few pumps through your hair focusing on mid-lengths to ends.


Blow dry & style as desired! At this point you could always top with some extra GLOSS.ME hair serum for good measure!


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Until next time...

We hope this winter hair care routine helps you fight any damage the cooler months may cause your hair, and of course, give you that high-shine, head-turning look that makes your friends go "how does your hair look so healthy?!"

We'll be back with more tips soon!


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