Love a good messy bun? Same here! Whether it’s for busy mornings, weekend brunch, date night or anything in between, a perfectly imperfect bun is a versatile, low-key hair look.

In this blog post, DESIGNME lead hairstylist, Amy, is sharing a tutorial for an elevated take on your average messy bun. Inspired by the latest red-carpet trends, this soft, tousled bun is bigger, chicer, and it’ll totally become a staple for your up-coming summer events. Let’s get into it!


  • Work on un-washed hair – Messy buns call for messy hair, it’s part of their beauty. Messy buns work even better on unwashed hair and are perfect if you want to extend your wash cycle by an extra day. Shhh, it’ll be our secret!
  • If your hair is quite straight, start by creating loose waves in your hair throughout with a curling wand or iron for a little extra movement. Amy began with this step, using a 1.25-inch curling iron, leaving about 2-inches of the ends of her hair un-curled.
  • Give your bun added fullness and texture by using a volumizing powder or dry texture spray. This is particularly useful for those with finer hair that tends to slip out of up-dos more easily.
  • Have fun with it! Messy buns are all about that “I-woke-up-like-this” vibe, so don’t be afraid to embrace any strands that feel out of place – it’s part of the charm.


  1. Section your hair: Start by parting your hair in the center, if it isn’t parted that way naturally! Then, starting about 2 inches away from the front hair line, section hair on both sides to create a high half pony. Secure with a small, clear elastic.
  2. Create your first bun: Twist and loop the hair in the pony until a couple of inches are left out. Fan out the large twist slightly and anchor to the head with 3-4 bobby pins, creating a bun shape. Once anchors are in place, it’s easier to control and stretch the shape.
  3. Secure the face framing pieces with clips to keep them out of the way.
  4. Create your second bun: Gather remaining lengths of hair and join it to the first bun. Use a hair bunjee (elastic with a hook on either end) to secure the second pony to the base of the bun. If you have a lot of hair (like Amy), then you can split the second ponytail into two sections and shorten them by “tying” them together. Then, use 2 large hair pins to secure the first bun to the center of the tied pieces. You’ll be left with a couple of inches of ends sticking out. Place and customize them as you’d like to hide any gaps and create softness.
  5. Now you can tame any flyaways! To do so, Amy uses HOLD.ME 3-way hairspray specifically at the back of her head, along with a fine-tooth comb, to tuck away baby hairs and flyaways.
  6. Add fullness & grip to your bun: To give your bun that beautiful, big shape, spray a couple of puffs of PUFF.ME volumizing powder evenly over the surface of your bun, and gently use your fingertips to pinch and pull away small sections at a time. This will give your bun extra fullness and added grip, so hairs aren’t slipping out throughout the day! Feel free to finish with a once-over of HOLD.ME 3-way hairspray for even more longevity.

There you have it! A lived-in, tousled bun that is chic enough for any of your up-coming summer events. Tried this look? Share it with us by tagging @designmehair!


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