If you don’t use Dry Shampoo in your routine yet, we’re here with a PSA: You absolutely should! It’s uses are super versatile, making it your best friend for easy mornings, freshening up your hat hair, post-workouts, extending a blowout, and prolonging your wash cycle. But, to make sure that dry shampoo is the miracle-worker we say it is, there are a few DO’s and DON’T’S we highly recommend you follow.


1. Apply in clean hair: It’s a common misconception that Dry Shampoo should be applied once the hair feels greasy, when actually, the best way to extend the life of clean hair is to apply the dry shampoo when the hair is clean. So, we recommend applying the dry shampoo to your hair after you wash (whether in the morning or at night) once your hair has dried. Doing so will allow the dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil you may have missed while shampooing and keep hair looking refreshed. As a bonus, it can also add volume and texture to dry hair.

2. Use the correct Dry Shampoo for your hair tone: Dry Shampoos are typically offered for dark and light hair tones (Simple enough but crucial to getting the best results). For example, if you have blonde hair, a dry shampoo made for darker shades will discolor your tresses. If you have dark hair, using a dry shampoo formulated for blonde hair will lead to dull roots and undesirable white cast!

3. Use a Talc-Free dry shampoo: There are tons of simpler, safer ingredients than that work effectively to soak up grease. Notably, these will usually be some form of starch ingredient, like Rice Starch which is found in our QUICKIE.ME line.

4. Massage the product in properly: To reap the full benefits of dry shampoo, it must be gently worked into the hair and scalp. When using our QUICKIE.ME light or dark spray, we recommend shaking the bottle well, sectioning the hair and spraying the roots in a sweeping motion. Then, massaging the product into the scalp to bring back natural volume. Finally, gently brush through to remove any excess product.


1. Don’t spray too much product: Less is more when it comes to dry shampoo. We know, it’s tempting, but overdoing it can leave you with dull and discolored hair. We suggest starting by spraying on a little, and then waiting a few minutes before deciding whether you need to add a little more.

2. Don’t spray to close to the scalp: Instead, spray 10 or so inches away from your roots, or just think of it as "elbow-distance". This will evenly distribute the product and prevent that undesired chalky white residue.

3. Don’t use the product all over your head: Again, less is more! Aim the product towards the top few inches of your hair, which are the sections that can accumulate the most grease.

4. Don’t use Dry Shampoo everyday: To put it bluntly, you’ll eventually need to wash your hair! (We know, can’t we just prolong it for another day??). But really, dry shampoo can do your hair routine wonders, but it can’t replace the necessity for a regular wash. Be strategic and make a good judgment call based on how you feel. If your hair is starting to feel a little too weighed down from oil, it should probably just be washed.

So, we hope this post helped decode the world of Dry Shampoo and made your hair routine just a little easier!

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