This new hair mist will HALVE your blow-drying time in the mornings.. and it’s less than £10!

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A NEW product from hair brand Design.ME is making waves in the bloggersphere, as it claims to cut blow-drying time by 50 per cent.

Power Dry.ME is newly launched in the UK and is a clever little hair mist that decreases your drying time.

Power Dry.ME is a new product by the Canadian hair company, freshly launched in the UK

Fashion and beauty blogger Amy Valentine is a fan of Design.ME's entire range and has posted a video of her using the Power Dry.ME mist on her Instagram.

The spray, which comes in a cute lilac bottle has already been a big hit in Canada, which is where the company was founded.

Luckily for us Brits it has been launched over here and we can reap the benefits of the multi-tasking product.

It's currently available exclusively on Sally Beauty UK for only £9.95 for a 100ml bottle.

The product is available in a 100ml bottle or a 230ml version.

The mist comes in a handy travel set with two other products for only £19.99 on the same site, and if you're a big fan then you can even invest in a 230ml version for only £14.95.

As well as offering faster blow-drying time, the mist gives you protection against heat and UV.

It is suitable for all hair types and stops hair from getting hair frizzy too!

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