Beauty Spotlight: New Hold.ME Hairspray Adjustable Spray

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Canadian company Design.ME, is launching Hold.Me hairspray the first styling spray with three levels of hold you can adjust. Find out how it works…


Hair Hold.Me Hairspray

Canadian company Design.Me, is launching Hold.Me hairspray the first styling spray with three levels of hold you can adjust. Find out how it works…

Hairspray can be tricky for different people. With different hair types, most sprays can be heavy and very drying and ruin your style and texture. But who wants to have numerous cans lying around in order to get the right hold for the right style?

Canadian company Design.Me —already famous for their Puff.Me powder in a pump, volumizing styling product,— has addressed this issue in an innovative way. On March 1, they will launch the new Hold.Me hairspray with three levels of spray that can be adjusted by the nozzle.

With just a little twist, you can modify the amount of Hold.ME hairspray from low, medium and high. Whatever control you choose, Hold.ME’, flake-free formula (yes!) will give you shine, UV protection and the volume you want for your gorgeous locks.

Hold.Me Hairspray


The light setting distributes a small amount of spray you can easily brush through for light styling. I have been using this setting for day time, when I want to hold light waves that I can easily brush out. The amount of spray increases with the Medium and High settings, which you would use for a stronger holds to tame flyaways,  to hold braids, strong curls or updos. It’s up to you!

Hold.Me hairspray is also sulphate, salt, paraben, gluten and cruelty free.

Find out where to get Design.Me’s styling products here.


—by Toni-Marie Ippolito


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